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Fizza is engaged in the delivery of goods from the United States and Turkey to Azerbaijan by air. Our transport company will quickly and reliably deliver goods to your address.

Air transport is considered one of the fast and most convenient ways to deliver goods, so you can receive your cargo safe and sound as soon as possible.

Fizza differs from other companies by the highest quality of provided service, professional approach and accessible prices. The company is improve every day to win the trust of each it`s customers.

We have our own warehouses in the United States and Turkey, which ensures a smooth and uninterrupted work process. Also, our customers have the opportunity to independently order goods from the United States and Turkey to the address of the company`s warehouse, and do not worry about sending to the specified address.

In addition, the company offers the service of informing customers about the location of the parcel, and the client gets the opportunity to track his goods and will be promptly notified of possible delays for reasons beyond our control.

Our company tries to maximally consider and respond to the wishes of customers to ensure successful cooperation.