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1 TRY = 0.0939 AZN 1 USD = 1.7 AZN 1 USD = 17.9363 TRY
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We inform you that, the Customs authorities will not collect customs duties from the client if the cost of goods is less than 300 (one thousand) US dollars within 30 calendar days. If the value of the goods exceeds 300 (one thousand) US dollars within 30 calendar days, the customer is obliged to pay customs duties in the amount of 36% of the amount of excess 1,000 (one thousand) US dollars..

The goods are not insured by Fizza, therefore the Carrier does not bear any responsibility. Products can be insured at the request of the client.

Fizza is not responsible for damaged goods. The customer may make a claim to the seller of the goods. As soon as the parcel is delivered to the warehouse, the customer will be notified via SMS or by e-mail. The parcel can be picked up from our office in person.

The cost of the parcel is calculated by weight and volume.

Volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying following data - width (cm) * length (cm) * height (cm) / 6000

If one customer has several parcels, then the cost of delivery is calculated for each package separately.

If there are any issues with delivery for reasons out of our control (flight delay, customs checks, non-working days in the shipping company, etc.) Fizza is not responsible for shipping delays.

Fizza doesn`t ship:

- Commodities forbidden to be brought to the territory of the country;

- Mobile phones;

- Equipment for issuing money and postal payment signs;

- Human organs and tissues;

- Jewellery, precious stones and metals;

- Live animals and plants;

- Inflammable and radioactive substances

- Poisonous and toxic agents;

- Biological and infectious substances;

- Mercury, chemical reagents and acids;

- Materials humiliating human honour and dignity, insulting national and religious feelings;

- Perishable food products;

- Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, supplies for their use;

- Shipments that can cause danger for postal officials due to their nature or packaging, as well as those that can cause damaging, perishing or contamination of other postal shipments and postal equipments;

- Coins, banknotes and traveller's cheques;

- Goods and items the import of which is forbidden by the country of destination;

- Firearms and their ammunition;

- Edged weapon;

- Originals of the documents with the State Emblem fixed on them;

- State standards of units of quantity;

- Documents of the State Archives Foundation.